Infinity Capital’s portfolio, Triductor Technology (688259) successfully sailed its IPO on SSE STAR MARKET

Time: 2022-01-13 15:14:32

Author: Infinity Group


    On January 12, 2022, Triductor Technology( Suzhou) Inc. was sailed its IPO on the SSE STAR MARKET (Shanghai Stock Exchange, Sci-Tech Innovation Board), becoming another Infinity Capital’s portfolio company that successfully landed on the capital market.

Founded in August 2006, Triductor Technology is a professional integrated circuit design company, mainly focusing on the R&D and sales of communication core chips, as well as providing application specific solutions and technical support services. The company's main business includes power line communication chipsets and application solutions, carrier access network chipsets and application solutions, and chip layout design service and other technical services. As a leading chip design and service company for broadband access and smart home communication solutions in the industry, Triductor Technology has developed communication algorithms and system software, digital circuit design and analog design related to power line communication chips and access network chips. Many core technologies have been widely used in the area of modular mixing signal design and baseband and RF analog design, and many products and technologies are advanced in the communication industry.

After more than 10 years of technology know-how accumulation and R&D investment, Triductor Technology has excellent digital-analog hybrid SoC full-process ASIC design capabilities, and has built a comprehensive and experienced R&D team. It is one of few large-scale domestic companies that have both physical layer core communication algorithm capabilities and large-scale SoC chip design skill set. It is one of few fabless companies in China that possess the physical design capabilities of 65nm/40nm/28nm CMOS process nodes and 14nm/7nm/5nmFinFET advanced process nodes. So far the company owns 12 authorized patents including 7 patents for invention, 6 overseas authorized patents for invention. The company also has 21 integrated circuit layout design technologies and 54 software copyrights.


Infinity Capital completed its investment in Triductor Technology in 2019, the project leader indicated that Triductor Technology is a China leading chip design company with advanced technology and long-term accumulation in communications industry. Looking ahead, Triductor Technology will keep increasing its investment in communications related fields, enhance its R&D capability, widen its product range, and keep increasing the its market share through the equity investment project, hence the development prospect is very promising. Infinity Capital will continue to support Triductor Technology’s regional and business expansion, and become the company's strategic partner.