"ESL" was selected as the second batch of innovation layers in 2022.

Time: 2022-05-26 19:44:22

Author: Infinity Group


Recently, the national share transfer company released the list of the second batch of innovative companies in 2022, and Infinity Capital was selected as the invested enterprise Shenzhen Dongfang Yuzhiguang Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "ESL") (838714).

Yuzhiguang is the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in China and a well-known brand in the industry, mainly providing PCB electrical testing solutions for customers. The main products and business include: laser light drawing machine, flying needle testing machine, testing OEM service and supply chain trade service. Since its establishment in 2000, Yuzhiguang has been focusing on the PCB field, insisting on independent research and development and continuous innovation, and its technical level is leading in China. The company's products serve more than 80% of the top 100 global PCB enterprises and the vast majority of domestic aerospace military enterprises.

Yuzhiguang is also the only flying needle testing equipment company with complete intellectual property rights in China. At present, the company has 7 national invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents and more than 20 software copyrights, and many products have been included in the national and Shenzhen science and technology support projects. For example, "Research and Development of Key Technologies for PCB Multi-axis Flying Needle Tester" is listed as "Shenzhen Key Technology Key Project". In 2021, it was recognized as a specialized and special new enterprise in Guangdong Province.

In 2021, the company's performance achieved substantial growth, with operating income increasing by 30.05% and net profit increasing by 64.63%. The eight-axis flying needle tester has been fully recognized by customers and the market, which is the main reason for the growth of performance. According to reports, the company's first domestic "eight-axis high-precision and high-efficiency flying needle tester" launched in 2019 won the "Industry's Best Product Contribution Award" issued by Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association. In 2020, the total installed capacity of the company's eight-axis flying needle testing machine will be the first in China.

According to the relevant person in charge of Infinity Capital, the market demand for PCB templates and small batch boards has grown steadily after the electronic products have evolved to small batch, light weight and rapid iteration. There are many kinds of orders, small area and short delivery time in sample and small batch board enterprises. The traditional PCB fixture testing method has the problems of complex manufacturing process, long cycle and high fixture consumables cost, which can not meet the rapid production and delivery needs of PCB board factories. To this end, the advantages of Yuzhiguang's "8-axis high-precision and efficient flying needle tester" are highlighted. The equipment has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the traditional PCB electrical test method, it can further reduce the test cost, optimize management and improve efficiency for PCB factory. Due to the continuous recognition of the market and customers, it has brought sales opportunities, and its performance has increased significantly in recent years. With the continuous transfer of global PCB production capacity to Chinese mainland, it is predicted that the growth space of PCB electrical testing market will continue to expand.

Yuzhiguang is a national high-tech enterprise with outstanding technical development in this field. It has strong technical strength, firmly grasps the underlying technology and has independent intellectual property rights. Its pioneering "fixture-free testing technical scheme" will form a revolutionary substitute for the traditional PCB electrical testing method. The company's product sales have a certain scale and high growth certainty, and the company's sales revenue and net profit are expected to show a steady upward trend in the next few years.