Laihua release the popular version of the intelligent creation platform for digital people and open a new era of digital people's freedom!

Time: 2022-08-10 20:03:06

Author: Infinity Group


On August 10th, Infinity Capital was invested by an enterprise to officially release the popular version of the digital human intelligent creation platform. The popular version lowered the creation threshold and cost, and focused on a more open and universal digital human creation field, making it affordable and well used by both individuals and enterprise users, driving double-ended users to participate in the construction of the meta-universe and helping the accelerated development of the meta-universe.

1  Take the wind into the game.Digital people become the first place in the meta-universe

Since the "explosion of the meta-universe" in 2021, the heat of the meta-universe has remained high. The market is optimistic, capital is pouring in, policies are constantly supporting and overweight, technical standards and information management are gradually standardized, and the development of the meta-universe is in a positive trend. In the forefront, individuals and enterprises are thinking about how to benefit from the wind. How to cross the follow-up stage of adding code to the brand by the word "meta-universe" and deploy a long-term strategy that can be landed has become the primary problem to be solved.

As a virtual carrier of users in the meta-universe, digital people are also the most experienced practice in brand meta-universe marketing at present. They can replace real people's services to complete content production, and can realize a variety of marketing games without time and space constraints. Digital people have become the most common and practical first place in the meta-universe.

2  Release creativityTo draw and lead the "creative freedom of digital people"

Nevertheless, individuals or enterprises who want to enter the digital game still face many challenges.From the current digital human market, from modeling, driving, rendering to content production, it takes a long production cycle and millions of production costs; Reducing the investment will easily lead to problems such as unidentifiable image, stiff movement and uncoordinated body voice, which will affect the quality of content production; I don't know how to break through the common problem of digital people using scenes.

Laihua, as the domestic head metauniverse creation platform, brings users the overall digital human solution of "digital human intelligent creation platform+online real-time rendering+diversified marketing ecology+metauniverse winding", which lowers the creation threshold and shortens the production cycle and cost, so that users who do not know CG animation technology can also create flexible and vivid digital people online; At the same time, it provides a large number of rich and perfect application scenarios for various industries, and integrates with animation and design functions, so that individuals and business users can truly customize digital people easily.

3  Thousands of people, one-click customizationTo draw a platform for intelligent creation of popular digital people.

Laihua provides users with a low-cost, zero-based digital human intelligent creation platform, which can generate exclusive digital human images with one-click photography, and can also do DIY face-pinching and dressing, realize intelligent loading and generation, and finely customize the image.In image, Laihua provides a massive cloud material library, which can finely customize facial features, hairstyles, costumes, accessories and movements, and fully display style and personality; Dynamically, to draw details such as movements, expressions, voice and mouth shapes, and fully realize a more vivid and flexible personalized connection between the meta-universe and users.Relying on the powerful computing power and technical support, the online editing of drawing has been realized. Users can create digital people and design clips online by opening web pages without high-profile computers and downloading software, which greatly reduces the threshold for creation.

4  Digital people+content powerForward-looking ecological layout

According to the needs of different customer groups, Laihua puts forward different playing systems at both ends: C-end content co-construction to build social ecology; B-end cost reduction and efficiency increase, fission content capacity.At the C end, painting will create a powerful metacosmic social space for individual users. To draw through the ant chain and provide digital people with the resident card of the meta-universe planet. Individual users can generate their own digital collections by virtue of this unique, unique and permanent "Meta-Universe Identity Card".

Of course, you can also create interesting emoticons, personalized business cards, creative videos and other digital content, and interact with the residents of the meta-universe planet from all over the world.At the B end, painting will help the brand shape the IP marketing power of digital people, provide rich application scenarios for enterprises, and empower the whole industry to achieve meta-cosmic marketing.

In terms of content, enterprises can borrow animation and creative design functions as carriers to mass produce animated videos, creative posters, etc., so as to meet the conventional content requirements; There is also AI intelligent function to break the traditional high-input content production barriers. For example, the digital people broadcast function can automatically generate a digital people broadcast video by simply inputting text, and the AI voice timbre is varied and optional, and the mouth shape is dynamic, flexible and true.In terms of virtual value, Laihua provides digital human winding service to help enterprises quickly precipitate digital assets. Enterprises can build their own exhibition hall of Meta-Universe, upload videos for display by themselves, upload them at a second speed, load them at a second speed, and have a huge space of 5W square, with digital people giving audio explanations and video dynamic publicity, so as to efficiently reach the layout of Meta-Universe in official website.In the application scenario, to draw a collection of industry-wide solutions accumulated for many years, providing enterprises with tens of millions of sets of high-precision animation video scene templates, releasing content productivity for thousands of industries and solving practical pain points.

For example, the education industry is generally faced with the trouble and time-consuming recording of lessons, uneven courseware and anxiety of real people appearing in the camera. Using digital people to intelligently broadcast can generate micro-lessons with one click, which is rich and interesting in form, saving time and effort; The financial industry, which is used to build digital employees, can undertake various practical functions such as online customer service and IP marketing; The media industry, facing the demand of a large number of rapid updates, can be used to draw automatically generated AI anchor broadcasts, draw massive template materials with the help of power, and mass produce content; There are also live broadcast industries and rural revitalization, all of which can be used to draw digital people, shape a stable, long-term and eye-catching anchor endorsement image, and sell goods live.After the function of drawing digital people went online, tens of millions of users have been precipitated, and hundreds of thousands of paying users have accumulated, producing millions of digital content, which reflects the powerful digital production energy. After being verified by the market, the commercial realization mode of Laihua has run through, and it has opened up unlimited commercial value imagination space from many dimensions such as platform membership fee, paid clothing props skin and brand advertisement implantation.Infinity Capital completed its investment in Laihua Technology in early 2021. The person in charge of the investment said: The digital human intelligent creation platform released by Laihua Technology this time is an important upgrade in the field of animation content tools. By releasing the digital human platform, Laihua accurately grasped the personal entrance of the meta-universe era and realized the perfect unity of tools+materials+personalization. As always, we are optimistic about the first-Mover advantage and broad development prospects of Laihua in the field of digital creative production.

Laihua has always firmly adhered to the vision of becoming the creative leader of the digital world and deeply rooted in the new infrastructure of the meta-universe. Metauniverse is a creative process. In the future, we will continue to devote ourselves to the popularization of software, provide users with full-stack services of digital people, and accelerate the layout of new fields of Metauniverse!